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Cardio Drum: a 4 part class focusing on anatomical pulley systems and deep front line!

It evolved from Tricia seeing yoga becoming as much a fitness fad as a contemplative practice. She put together a class that incorporates alignment, balance, playful drumming & bouncing balls. 

Cardio Drum is an evolution away from impact aerobics & large fast moving yoga classes. Intentionally creating a safer venue for weight bearing & balancing, Tricia encourages her Yoga students to use Cardio Drum for their “fitness” so they can go deeper in their yoga practice focusing less on fitness and more on internal resistance, training “mind” to acquiesce & surrender, allow, contemplate.

Cardio Drum brings out kid, to meet adult, to play, laugh & sweat.
Challenging in a supportive way.

Using 2 balls & 2 drumsticks – A full body workout.
For all ages, body types. 

Stage 1* Cardio drumming with no impact (increasing upper body strength)
Stage 2* Bouncing balls 1 & 2 at a time (increasing balance and coordination)
Stage 3* Calisthenics & range of motion for joints (to increase mobility & strength)
Stage 4* Deep stretch of joints & large muscle groups supported by balls   

Tricia is presently copyrighting Cardio Drum & plans to train teachers in the 4 stage workout to assure proper & safe conditions for all students.