Everybodies Yoga

With 35 years of practice, I describe my style of teaching  as “Tricia’s distillation” of both multiple years of training with phenomenal Iyengar based teachers and experience as a medical massage therapist.

My focus is on “the anatomy of movement”, the pulley systems, and the deep front core of anatomy trains that support us. Added to that is my equally strong interest in the pulleys and deep core of our mental pathways. No matter how beautiful any asana practice looks, the mind can still be a bully if the student/practitioner isn’t working equally as diligently on their quality of mind.
Mind is a powerful engine.  The physical body is a masterpiece.  The breath, the psychology of questioning our reality, is the fiber that expands our identities beyond limited linear constructs.

Whether we are in asana, bouncing physioballs, dancing, meditating, or sitting around a dinner table, the YOGA / Unity of consciousness and clarity is best addressed from all 8 limbs of yoga.

My teaching is my commitment to myself and my community to rototill the motivations of all action – to eliminate need to justify, defend, compete or compare, and to aquiesce, allow, absorb and accept that every moment can be considered a perfect one when we are consciously aware of our part in it.

The most difficult yoga pose?  Believing that everything happens for me, not to me.

Thank you for considering being a part of this evolutionary time of self introspection = creating a new paradigm that improves insight as well as outer world evolution.. Practice makes progress.  Progess takes practice!