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Tricia Duffy
Holistic Arts Professional

Holistic Integration of Mind, Body, Spirit.
Aligning our Bodies with our Minds.
We all have minds. We all have bodies.
We all have hearts. We all struggle. We all succeed.
My dedication is to my work.
We are in this together!
Meet Tricia in this video.

Make a difference in your life.

Do you know how yoga, movement, balance and self inquiry can change your life?
We can improve our mind, body and spirit together.
I would love to support you and be supported in this evolutionary endeavor called life!

Online Courses

Online Sessions we can do together from your home!

Cardio Drum

STAY TUNED NEW CARDIO DRUM ON IT'S WAY! A unique full range of motion, low impact, strength and balance classes.

We use 65 centimeter phsyio balls on stands (or small waste baskets) with drumsticks (or wooden spoons), and we listen to world music and drum on the balls. The drumsticks bouncing off the balls makes us use our abdominal muscles. We stretch on the balls to open joints. We bounce one ball and sometimes both balls at once to improve eye motor skills, increase dendrites in brain for balance that we might otherwise lose ( move it or lose it). We laugh a lot and we get a safe work out that only requires a good sense of humor!


Yoga Deep Stretch with Body Bench

An Instrinsic Approach

We use mats, straps, half foam rollers, full foam rollers, bolsters and the body bench to allow deepening our practice in a safe way. The body bench is perfect for older or injured students who have a limited range of motion on the floor. It is the safest way to do inversions. Tricia has distilled the subtleties of yoga postures so they can be done and felt without a lot of show and performance. Her mantra is “Less is More” and “It’s an Inside Job, not a Performance”. For Yoga Flow students, Tricia’s classes will teach you to make fine adjustments in your yoga postures to prevent you from overusing your shoulders, knees and hips.


Dance Alive!

As long as the beat goes on, so do we!

It’s about having fun! We warm up, do a bit of static stretching, then do our best to get lost in the spirit of moving to great rhythms with simple choreography that make us feel connected and alive!


Massage Techniques

Self Massage with
Tennis Balls & Foam Rollers

We will use tennis balls, half foam rollers, full foam rollers, straps, the body bench and learn how to get at those hard to reach places where we can release the grip of bound muscle fibers/tendons/ligaments. The goal is to increase our range of motion and reduce impingements from injuries and old patterns of limited movement.


Half Foam Roller

Retrain, realign and reconnect brain and balance and prove we're never too old to do what we love.

Using one and two 12 inch half foam rollers, Tricia takes us through basic movements standing and lying on the half rollers. What seems easy and effortless requires a quiet steady mind and slow movements. Miraculously, in a short time, the back brain (medulla, pons, cerebellum) re-coordinates muscle neuron patterns that re-establish our ability to move without leaning, torquing or damaging joint mobility. It’s a kind of meditation in movement that can be done daily in 10 short minutes or up to 40 minutes depending on your schedule. You can purchase your rollers from Tricia who has customized them with reinforced stair tread tape to prevent slipping and duct tape to maintain durability or purchase your own.


Welcome To
Tricia Duffy

A Holistic Arts Professional

My work best described as movement from and for the young at heart. I explore the subtleties of movement without force which is very effective in breaking away from old patterns and creating long term change.

My Method:

Risk/Ratio is fundamental in my work. I’m a firm beliver in "Less is more".
I share the "why" of movement so that when we learn "how" it all comes together: mind, body and healing. What may have gone unseen or unrealized can be revealed in learning the anatomy of movement. That knowledge will support us moving forward. I work with people of all ages and body types who possess a willingness to explore the unknown. I trust my experience and I consult with my network of professionals regularly.

My Goal: To maintain and continue growing a spirit of connection, playfulness and willingness to allow. Paying attention to the smallest changes and exploring them are often gateways to new learning. And there’s always more to learn. Always something more to discover.

About Me

My Professional

Nauset Chiropractic
Dr Mark D. Griffin D.C.
Art (Active Release Technique) Full Body Certification
SFMA (Segmental Functional Movement Assessment)
Orleans, MA

Mind Body Spine Chiropractic
Dr Michael Singleton D.C.
Certified Applied Kinesiologist
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Postural Neurologist
Certified Bioenergetic Practitioner
Brewster, MA

Physical Therapy Solutions
Dr Lisa Smith P.T.
Physical Therapy Solutions
TRM (Total Motion Release)
PsychK (Rewriting Software of Mind)
Centerville, MA

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Why work with me?

We are all in this together! Networking is my passion. For 35+ years I’ve taught in Massachusetts, Florida, New York , California, Seattle and Mexico. Today with global networks I want to reach out to all of you. If you’re interested in what I share, here I am. Here we are! And here we go!

Improving our bodies
Improves our lives


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