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Yoga as a group practice. This practice includes physical, mental and spiritual focus. It originated in India and was one of the six Orthodox schools from Hindu traditions. It has evolved in to many broader interpretations with secular approaches.

There remain three main goals for a yoga practice. First, achieve inward clarity. Second, develop control over mind and body through disciplined, consistent practice. Third, achieve an awareness and understanding of our actions and motivations.


With the monthly membership you’ll have access to multiple videos of varying length and diversity to meet the mood you bring to your session that day.

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Why work with me?

We are all in this together! Networking is a passion. For 30+ years I’ve taught in Mass., Florida , New York , California, Seattle & Mexico. And now with global networks why not reach out to all of you. If you’re interested in what I share, here I am. Here we are! And here we go!


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